SiO4 – Delivering Business-driven Cybersecurity

The reality of today’s business is that cybersecurity is now an integral part of the business process. The global economy has created unsurpassed opportunities for businesses – and serious threats as well. As cybercrime continues to increase in frequency and complexity businesses are constantly challenged. Most successful cyber-attacks can be directly related to the lack of cybersecurity talent, inadequate funding, little or no user training, and overburdened staff.
At SiO4 we take a business-type approach to create cybersecurity initiatives that are aligned with your business needs. Our SiO4 SAFE HOUSE suite of solutions is modular based, meaning that you get exactly what you need – from products, services, professional services and training. Each set of solutions is highly scalable to meet your exacting needs, and in turn, highly cost-effective. At SiO4, you are not just a customer, you are a partner, and we are here to help.

SiO4 provides specialised advanced cyber threat intelligence services, not threat information like other vendors.

With an elite team of operatives and researchers that engage threat actors in the Dark Web and underground economy, SiO4 delivers comprehensive, actionable and contextual threat intelligence focusing on preemptive breach intelligence, network exposure, compromised data, risk mitigation, social engineering, employee / physical location vulnerabilities and Dark Web surveillance in a cost-effective and scalable modular set of real-time services that act as an extension of an organisation’s IT security team.

SiO4 prides itself on delivering excellence to its clients by meeting their exacting cyber threat intelligence needs. Protection is mandatory, detection and prevention is everything.​​