The IT landscape has dramatically changed over the last decade. Today, perimeter security is not enough to combat malicious threats from highly organized and sophisticated cyber gangs and other threat actors. Even the most secure organizations are breached through scores of external and internal inherent weaknesses and technological trends, such as the human factor, cyber supply chain, SCADA, (I)IoT devices, BYOD, mobile applications and other vectors that are necessary in business today.

These technologies and business-related necessities have opened the door for several successful cyberattacks that go beyond traditional methods. At SiO4, we help you meet the everchanging landscape of cybersecurity and work directly with you as a partner, to meet these challenges and help ensure the integrity of your business.

The goal of SiO4 is to protect its customers from significant, costly, and increasing global cyber threats. Understanding the shortfalls of cybersecurity programs and aligning these with the company’s strategy. SiO4 SAFE HOUSE was conceived and developed to provide organizations with products, services, and training to help create strategies, implement tactics, and reinforce cybersecurity best practices that are not currently available as a full service offering within the marketplace.

SiO4 SAFE HOUSE is specifically designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and mid-market companies to ease the burden on valuable cybersecurity resources, allowing information security teams to concentrate on more business-critical activities. Leveraging best-of-breed solutions from highly vetted trusted partners and our own offerings from decades of expertise, we are able to deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable modular suite of cybersecurity products, solutions, and services.

SiO4 SAFE HOUSE is a unique package of products and services that delivers true value that is highly scalable and completely customizable to fit the customer’s exacting needs. SiO4 delivers invaluable cybersecurity products, strategies, tactics and training from best-of-breed products and purpose-built in-house offerings for enterprises and SMEs/SMBs for any industry. No other vendor delivers a comprehensive solution consisting of high-value products and services.

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