They are hiding in your network and you don’t even know it! Cyber criminals and cyber gangs have evolved into stealthy infiltrators of your network. Most organisations are unaware that they have been compromised. Why? Because these cyberattacks have greatly evolved over the past few years. Today they are more complex, frequent and much harder to detect regardless of perimeter security.
Threat actors have many motives to infiltrate an organisation. Hacktivism, blackmail, nation-state activity and the sale of valuable IP and PII in the underground economy drive cybercriminals to undertake malicious activity. Threat actors can seed your IT assets with malicious threats for long or short periods of time without any detection – exploiting your network’s vulnerabilities and leveraging other weaknesses within the infrastructure.
Savvy cybercriminals can gain various levels of access into the network through a vulnerability and apply the necessary patches to cover their tracks, hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike. Hosts, appliances, BYOD, SCADA and IoT devices are gateways for cybercriminals to infiltrate your network and exfiltrate valuable data. Threat actors discover and exploit weaknesses like misapplied or unapplied security patches, misconfigurations, malware, ransomware, human error and outdated OS and firmware to gain access.

SAFE HOUSE INFILTRATOR from SiO4 delivers post-breach investigative services and threat actor attribution by an elite team of Dark Web operatives and researchers to identify the who, what, where why and when. Our team of network infrastructure experts will assess and uncover vulnerabilities and perform comprehensive penetration testing. Working closely with your organisation, we will uncover weaknesses within your network to safeguard your IT assets from exploits and malicious threats.

With SAFE HOUSE INFILTRATOR, your organisation will gain knowledge of how threat actors and cyber gangs find and exploit weaknesses of your IT assets. If your organisation is a victim of a breach, SiO4 SAFE HOUSE INFILTRATOR will provide post-breach forensics and threat actor attribution to help in remediation.

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SiO4 SAFE HOUSE INFILTRATOR provides organisations with:
Pro-Active Services (Readiness Testing, Compliance, High Value Asset Protection)

  • Research to assess current threats.
  • Ethical hacking of your IT assets.
  • Network penetration testing.
  • A comprehensive global discovery search in closed Dark Web forums and the underground economy for compromised credentials.
  • External Network Threat Intelligence Scan.
  • Reconnaissance techniques.
  • Threat modelling exercises to enable IT security insight to your team.

Remediation Services (Post-breach Forensic Solution)
  • Access to our elite Cyber Operative and Research teams.
  • Reverse engineer/reconstruction of attack vector.
  • Threat actor attribution.
  • Attack motivation – hacktivism, nation state, monetisation, etc.
  • Post-breach search in closed Dark Web forums and the underground economy for compromised credentials.
  • External Network Threat Intelligence Scan.
  • Regulatory body reporting & forensic evidence provided (GDPR & ICO).
  • Financial loss & collateral damage reduction.
Don’t become a victim like so many organisation that have been in the media due to high-profile breaches that resulted in revenue loss, fines and reputational damage in the court of public opinion. Let SiO4 SAFE HOUSE INFILTRATOR protect your organisation and its valuable IT assets.