Thursday 19th October 2017, marked the official launch of
SAFE HOUSE – Total Threat Intelligence, a joint venture by SiO4 Limited. and InfoArmor Inc. held at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Joined by colleagues from various sectors, the event began with talks from special guest speakers and was hosted by SiO4’s Operations Director – Michelle McGinnis.

The event was proudly sponsored by 8x8 UK.

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Our first speaker, Gary Pryor – Partner Acquisition Director from our event sponsors 8x8 UK discussed security in telecommunications.
8x8 also provided the event with promotional items for our attendees to take away.

Jenny Radcliffe aka ‘The People Hacker’ who is a regular speaker at major cyber security events joined us to talk about the human element of security and how social engineering is being used more and more to infiltrate businesses. An insightful talk and a highly impactful speaker.

Byron Rashed – Vice President of Global Marketing, Advanced Threat Intelligence for InfoArmor took us on a journey deep into the dark web and showed how ‘hackers’ can use information such as compromised credentials to cause serious damage.

Byron identified to the audience some of the confidential breaches uncovered by InfoArmor and defined what true threat intelligence really was.

SiO4 are proud of our best of breed partnership with InfoArmor.
  1. Sami Malik & Andrew Speakmaster
    Sami Malik & Andrew Speakmaster
    SiO4, Sales Director & Chief Technology Officer
  2. Jenny Radcliffe
    Jenny Radcliffe, The People Hacker
  3. Byron Rashed
    Byron Rashed
    InfoArmor, Vice President of Global Marketing, ATI
  4. Gary Pryor
    Gary Pryor
    8x8 Solutions, Partner Acquisition Director (Event Sponsor)
  5. Michelle McGinnis
    Michelle McGinnis
    SiO4, Operations Director
  6. Jenny Radcliffe
    Jenny Radcliffe, The People Hacker
Andrew Speakmaster – Chief Technology Officer and Sami Malik – Director at SiO4 lead the unveiling of SAFE HOUSE.

This new to market, next generation service makes threat intelligence affordable to mid-market businesses and enables them to access services that would have ordinarily been out of their reach.

SAFE HOUSE allows companies to be seen through the eyes of a threat actor, therefore looking to prevent an attack before it happens.

The presentation was concluded with the opening of ‘top secret’ envelopes which enclosed information that was traded on the underground economies by threat actors, directly related to the delegates!
A drinks reception and networking event was held in the roof terrace of The Imperial War Museum following the talks.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our guests to enjoy a glass of champagne and talk to the team about the information found in their ‘top secret’ envelopes!
SiO4 would like to express thanks to our sponsors 8x8 UK and our guest speakers Gary Pryor, Jenny Radcliffe and Byron Rashed.

A special thank you to David Jones, InfoArmor Inc and all that helped with the organisation of the event and team SiO4 for all their hard work.