You can’t defend what you can’t see, and the lack of visibility hinders the true value of pure threat intelligence. Appliances, data feeds and AI offer little value since they deliver little if any context, support or attribution.
The only way you can obtain a clear understanding of the threats and motives is to understand the malicious threats that have, (or can) infiltrate your external hosts or those of your partner’s supply chain. With true threat intelligence, not just threat information, organisations can enable strategic assessment of the dynamic threat landscape.
SAFE HOUSE DARK EDGE from SiO4 delivers high-value threat intelligence derived from closed Dark Web forums and the underground economy, resulting in reduced risk to your organisation to financial and reputational loss as well as help in maintaining compliancy (GDPR, SOX, GLBA, ISO, HIPPA, PCI).

SAFE HOUSE DARK EDGE determines if your organisation’s external facing network (IP and domain) has been compromised and helps to ensure corrective action and whitelisting. Contextualised intelligence of compromised IPs and domains (with geo location), malware signatures, CnC, advanced persistent threat (APT) and other malicious hosts protects your network against network infiltration and data exfiltration.

If your organisation utilizes a cyber supply chain to conduct business with a partner/customer, SAFE HOUSE DARK EDGE will deliver pre-emptive intelligence using proprietary technology that monitors the IPv4/IPv6 environments and detects vulnerabilities of public-facing (external) hosts. This enables organisations to implement a supply chain cyber security program or leverage this intelligence to enhance their existing policies and procedures to safeguard their networks against vulnerable or potentially vulnerable partner and vendor hosts and reduce the risk of third-party exposure and other threat vectors.

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Protect your valuable IT assets, maintain compliance and mitigate risk due to compromised corporate and partner hosts with SAFEHOUSE DARK EDGE.

SAFE HOUSE DARK EDGE is a managed service that delivers:
  • External-facing IP/Domain Intelligence through a comprehensive database with observed historical and contextual threat intelligence that identifies malicious or potentially malicious IP addresses and domains with source geo location, proxies, CnC activity, malware signatures and other pertinent information.

  • Client-specific real-time alerts of malicious/potentially malicious hosts within the organisation’s subnet range.

  • Vulnerability Intelligence via a proprietary scan of the IPv4/IPv6 environment that detects known vulnerabilities within the host such as Juniper Backdoor, Heartbleed, Shellshock, compromised FTP and other potential threats that can greatly affect their cyber supply chain.

  • High-value intelligence for organisations to either leverage within their existing cyber supply chain security program or implement one to mitigate risks and avoid costly fines by maintaining compliance (GDPR, SOX, GLBA, ISO, HIPPA, PCI).

  • Delivers next-generation vulnerability management via  an award-winning automated pen testing solution that continuously delivers validated global multi-vector attack path scenarios, enabling your organisation to save time and money.